Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Its show time

The first show of the fall season is the ASD/AMD show which will feature hundreds of exhibitors and thousands of buyers. The show is a general merchandise show covering everything from gift ware and hard goods to apparel and sporting goods. Exhibitors from all over the world setup and display their products and buyers from all over the world can browse the various product lines looking for good buys to stock there shelves for the fall season. It is impossible to classify the buyers and the type of operations they run but in general the ASD show draws buyers from all spectrum's. Convenience stores, appliance stores, discount stores, health and beauty stores, thrift stores, and independent retailers and merchants are all in attendance. The main attraction is closeouts and great prices. This is a chance to find new vendors and great opportunities for the fall and holiday season. The ASD/AMD show runs from August 9th to August 12th and is held in multiple locations including the Sands convention center and the Las Vegas convention center. If you will be attending the ASD show and you are interested in off price apparel please stop by and see RG Riley. Please click on the trade show link for details.

The second major show that RG Riley will be attending is the Off-Price show in Las Vegas, Nevada. The show will be held in the Sands convention center with the show dates overlapping the MAGIC show. The Off-Price show features off price apparel in all age ranges.
Hundreds of country's biggest wholesalers will display branded and mass merchandise apparel at deeply discounted prices. In general the buyers represent chain stores, independent retailers and regional retailers with a value conscious customer base. The major emphasis is off price apparel including imported clothing as well as closeout and irregular apparel.

With the sluggish economy the off-price sector continues to pick up steam as retail buyers look to find better and less expensive products for their every day needs. Please click on the trade show link for dates and details.

If you would like to read more about the ASD/AMD show or Off-Price show please click on the show name and you will be directed to their respective web sites. These web sites also feature online registration.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Its All about the price

The off price business has always been about the prices we charge and the products we deliver and in recent times this statement could not be truer. In the last few years the price points have dropped considerably and the difference between a sale or a lost order can simply come down to pennies. The decision to accept or reject an order was based on supply and demand of the item and the profit or loss that would result.

The supply and demand curves if not broken are significantly impacted with the recent changes in the economy. On the supply side our industry continues to see shortages in many product categories. These shortages normally produce an increase in demand and therefore price increases. The problem is that the demand in off price industry is strictly tied to the price and if the prices are dropping and the inventory levels are declining how can the demand be met.

The demand side is driven by the willingness of the consumers to spend additional dollars on products. With the economy faltering and the consumers unwillingness to spend manufacturers are producing fewer goods and therefore the off price industry is seeing fewer irregulars and less closeouts.

The big question becomes will prices rise or will we go without?

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Spring Cleaning

The summer selling season has arrived and many of our customers are seeing strong sales in tee shirts and tank tops along with other summer related inventory. The flea markets and discount stores are busy with active buyers who are purchasing clothing for immediate needs. This summer buying will continue for the next 60 to 90 days and to provide great value for our customers RG Riley will be liquidating our spring and summer merchandise with exceptional values in off price apparel. That's right while our customers are enjoying some of the best sales of the year we will be transitioning to fall fleece and long sleeve products.
This week alone we have completed purchases on over 100,000 dozen fall and winter fleece products. This inventory is already showing up at our distribution centers and many items are available on the web and at our warehouses. Men's irregular pull over hooded sweat shirts have been packed in our Illinois warehouse along with some additional men's sweat pants. In our Virginia warehouse we have been busy packing women's crews and pants in both Missy and plus size. The Virginia warehouse will be packing boys crew neck sweat shirts and boys 2 pocket sweat pants. These items will be ready just in time for your back to school selling.
Please make sure to keep up with our updated inventory by clicking on our recent packing's tab. The recent packing's are constantly updated on a 14 day rolling scale and it provides a great way to keep in touch with all of our new additions in off price wholesale apparel. The recent packing's is a small picture of what we have that is new in the RG Riley world.
RG Riley is a clothing wholesaler with an emphasis on off price apparel. Closeouts and irregular clothing are our specialty. Wholesale apparel only. Off price apparel always.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Where has all the inventory gone

The Global recession that has been impacting all countries and most major business sectors is having a dramatic impact on the off price industry and the availability of merchandise. RG Riley has been seeing declining inventory levels for the better part of the last 9 months. Recently we have seen a precipitous decline in the availability in the irregular tee shirt market with broad impact on the white tee shirt inventory levels. These shortages stem from production cut backs as the producers work to reduce their on hand inventory and thereby reduce there day to day operating cost.

These recent shortages while painful will probably continue to impact the off price apparel market for the next 3 to 6 months and RG Riley expects to see shortages in several key areas for the foreseeable future. While these shortages are problematic they should serve to stabilize pricing and put a halt to the downward spiral in off price apparel prices. While we do not expect to see sky rocketing prices we are already seeing upward pressure on many items that are in short supply. The upward pricing pressures may push prices up by as much as 10% in the next 6 to 12 months.

Over the long haul we continue to see strength in the off price area and foresee continued growth as consumers continue to seek bargains. Many of RG Riley's retail outlets are seeing overall strength and sales increases as the consumer trades down to more value driven retailers.

RG Riley is a closeout wholesaler of off price apparel to the discount trade. Our customers include chain stores, drug and food stores, swap meets and flea markets, general merchandise and independent stores. We provide discount apparel at tremendous pricing to many of the charitable operations and assistance programs around the country. RG Riley serving the discount apparel market for over 80 years.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

RG Riley updates phone equipment

RG Riley is upgrading our phone system and all phone numbers are changing.
Now you can reach any of our personnel at any of our warehouses by dialing one single number.
Please call toll free 877.576.5447 and follow the prompts to reach our California warehouse or our Virginia warehouse. You can reach an open customer service representative from the RG Riley prompt by selecting number 3 and then selecting option 9. This is a great way to get a quick answer to any question or fix any problem.

If you would prefer to reach a specific individual, please click this link to view our corporate directory where you can also direct dial an employee.

The old phone numbers are still working temporarily but will be out of service by the end of May.

If you would like to reach RG Riley by toll free fax fax please dial 866.945.9469.

RG Riley is a wholesale off price apparel company featuring inexpensive close out and irregular apparel. Our customers include department stores, drug stores, chain stores, flea markets and swap meeters as well as a variety of discount operations. If you sell promotional apparel please make sure to visit our web site or call one of our customer service representatives.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Summer sales heat up

Summer sales are heating up and we are seeing strong demand in all of our summer wear. From tee shirts to tank tops and shorts the entire spring/summer line is moving extremely well. Off price inexpensive value oriented products continue to lead the market with women's apparel extremely strong and Mothers day promotions in full force. We are seeing large repeat buying in all of our first quality ladies and plus size products. We hope you were able to pick up some of these items as many of these styles are sold out or the inventory levels have been drastically reduced.

The kids will be finishing school for the year and mom and dad will be seeking deals in summer play wear at bargain prices. Over the past week we have packed many new styles of shorts, scooters and print tees. These will be the subject of our email blast on 5.7.2009. You can take advantage of sum of these extreme values by viewing our recent packings. RG Riley is also offering a 10% promo code discount on 5 of our best styles this week. If you purchase Girl's play wear make sure to view the following styles...F3420...K3480...K6580...F3080...K6480 and take advantage of our promotion by entering Promo Code > Riley10. Boys color and white tee shirts have been selling well over the last week. If you have a need for boys tees please make sure to view styles 30923 and 653i0.

In the men's area white and color tees sold by size are driving sales. Make sure to view our tee shirts sold by size and take advantage of our graded color tees at $1.00 and white at .80 cents.

We continue to see accelerated demand from our wholesalers and distributors as inventory levels are declining at many of the original manufacturers. Demand levels are producing shortages and we anticipate these shortages the rest of the year and into next year. Please make sure to complete your web orders to assure delivery or contact your customer service representative to discuss your needs.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

What comes next to

Web sites like businesses can never stand still. Even as we work through the upgrade and fix the numerous bugs and display issues we have on the site, our vision is moving to the next modifications and changes that will enable our customers to get more from our site.

These changes include additional product lines, better navigation and a faster environment.

We are currently reviewing the additions of underwear, socks and general merchandise to our product lines.

Already in development is a search by grade which will allow our users to search for items based on the quality of the garment within the online catalog browse. This would enable the user to search for first quality, irregulars, or imperfects based on the customers needs.

The navigation has been improved with a hot link to the quick order screen from the banner. We hope you will use this quickorder link and the online catalog link to jump back and forth from the online catalog to the ordering section.

Our internet service provider is upgrading the speed and reliability of our network tonight and this should eliminate many of the timeouts and stalls that are experienced on our web site.

Pick and scan functionality is in the works and while we will need to make all warehouses RF ready, which will take some time, it will increase our accuracy on shipments and increase the speed in the shipping department. Pick and scan software will validate the item is part the order and the ship date is within the time frame parameter requested by the customer. Currently we ship 95% of our orders the same day with a 98% accuracy.

We have big plans for our trailer load users as well as our imperfect users. Changes are in the works to give our distributors and jobbers the ability to view our in coming shipments before they arrive at our distribution centers.

If you experience any problems on the updated web site please drop a note to We truly appreciate all insights provided.